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Trailblazer "Power Hours" take place during some of your favorite programs!

How does the NET Trailblazer program work?

  1. Complete the informaiton below to make your tax-deductible Trailblazer donation.

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  4. Donations will be made by listeners who know you and other caring Trailblazers have challenged their gift - maximizing the value to NET and our ability to provide funding for reliable news, quality entertainment and inspiring music.
Listener donations have increased 65% during Trailblazer "power hours!"

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Member Benefits

INSIDE NET - Gifts $36 and above receive INSIDE NET, our monthly program guide.
NET Passport - Gifts $60 ($5/month) and above get access to NET Passport (extended video on demand).
Jack G. McBride Society - Gifts $1,200 ($100/month) and above make you a member of the Jack G. McBride Society.
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